As the lines between the role of marketing and PR in social media continue to be blurred, with customers becoming smarter and consuming their news from a myriad of sources, and, of course, with budgets continuing to diminish, now more than ever, brands and organizations need a well-researched, insight driven PR strategy. A serious PR […]

The Creative Brief Toolkit

The Creative Brief Toolkit

Pakistan Advertisers Society recently commissioned Creative Brief Toolkit to help the industry with the process of creating a project brief. Written by Arshy Ahmad, the title of this toolkit really sums up its content. Before writing this toolkit, members of PAS understood the one thing Brand Managers and Account Managers didn’t have, and that is […]

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Business Process Innovation – Something Which Can’t be Ignored!

November 23rd, 2017

By: Hassan Javed Innovation is something which is inevitable. Companies enter in a market and start impacting the ocean of business like a catalyst does in chemical process. This change causes disruption and hence the competitors get activated with a fear of losing market share and to take maximum advantage out of the change which […]

Brand Elections Pakistan Launched

November 3rd, 2017

Brand Elections, an idea that was launched in 2010 by Shoaib Qureshy, and now in its third edition, continues to provide a genuine marketing industry barometer for brands as it is built on one of the biggest consumer research conducted by one of the best research agencies. The results have started to coming in and […]

A New Dream Vs Jo Har Pakistani Chahey

November 1st, 2017

By Hassan Javed Assistant Manager Marketing PAS 2017 has proven to be a year in which brands have been on toes in bringing different and new campaigns considering the clutter of ads around us. Brands have started using digital mediums like programmatic buying, social media marketing and other tools of digital marketing more proficiently. With […]

Sublime Shift in PR and Communications Strategy

October 27th, 2017

Author: Hassan Javed Communications and PR is a department which is generally small in size but possesses a key role in the overall culture and communications which a brand wants to showcase. It plays a pivotal role in defining your brand to the audience and how an organization wants its brands to be identified. Just […]

Ad Agencies Alleged in Corruption of Worth Billions as NAB Investigates

October 26th, 2017

Half a dozen ad agency executives in Pakistan, including the head of McCann Worldgroup’s local affiliate, are being detained, along with several former government officials, in a corruption investigation, according to press reports. The accused individuals are charged for misusing Rs. 5.7 billion which were paid to seven advertising agencies for awareness campaigns between 2013 […]