Kenwood Pakistan Launches “Middle Se Ooper” Webisode Series

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[Karachi: 17th December 2017]: Kenwood Pakistan, a leading brand of home and kitchen appliances in Pakistan has launched the first ever webisode series in consumer electronics industry of Pakistan “Middle se Ooper” starring Mahjabeen Habib, Haseeb Khan, Rimha Ahmed and Ushna Shah

The webisode aims to enhance the level of brand engagement and interaction with the target audience in a subtle manner while showing relatable engaging content relevant to Pakistan’s target audience. The webisode series comprises of multiple interlinked webisodes which are featured on social media pages of Kenwood Pakistan including the YouTube channel. “Middle Se Ooper” has been crafted to appeal families and young audience as the brand persona stands for it.

Speaking on the concept, Parsa Rafiq, Director Marketing R&I quoted“To keep the audience entertained, the tone is satirical and humorous and the message of each situation has a social meaning attached to it which is unveiled in the end of each episode. The idea of commercialization of products is minimal with only subtle product placements in very few instances because the idea is to come up with a strong content and a relatable message for our audience”

While the Brand Manager further stated “The aim of webisode series is to add onto flavor to the entertainment industry of Pakistan while increasing level of engagement with the target audience and creating brand recall.”

With the launch of 3g/4g and increased numbers of internet users brands now have the opportunity to take level of interaction to a step further and tap the opportunity. The webisode has been shot by ID Creations which is headed by Director Zaheeruddin Ahmed and COO Emaad Ishaq Khan.

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