Telenor & PLDDB launch “Khushaal Aangan” a dedicated IVR service for female farmers

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Lahore – December 05, 2017: Aimed at empowering Pakistan’s female farmers and extending them the benefits of its flagship mobile agriculture service ‘Khushaal Zamindar’, Telenor Pakistan in partnership with Punjab Livestock and Dairy Development Board (PLDDB) have launched a dedicated free of cost IVR service for female farmers in Punjab called ‘Khushaal Aangan’. Female farmers will simply need to dial 727251 to subscribe to the service and get information regarding livestock rearing, family health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation.

Women play a massive role especially in rural areas and their contribution surpasses that of the male counterparts as it extends to farm support and animal rearing in addition to ensuring well-being of the family. Currently more than 4 million farmers in Punjab are using Telenor Pakistan’s agriculture service ‘Khushaal Zamindar’ and over 10% of them are females. Keeping in view the large number of female workforce in today’s rural society and their immense contribution towards agriculture, it’s imperative to have a service which caters specifically to their needs.

“The statistics from our flagship mAgri program Khushaal Zamindar revealed that an encouraging percentage of users comprised women.” said Irfan Wahab Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Telenor Pakistan. “Since the majority of the female workforce in Pakistan is also associated with agriculture, it makes logical and business to cater to them better through a service tailored to their specific working needs. Based on our learning, we designed Khushaal Aangan that is aimed to be a perfect lifestyle partner for the rural woman, educating her on agriculture, livestock rearing, family health and much more. As we continue to be driven by our mission of empowering societies at Telenor Pakistan, through Khushaal Aangan we are aiming to empower the Pakistani women further by equipping them with the knowledge that will make them more productive and improve their livelihoods.” he added.

‘Khushaal Aangan’ was designed after comprehensive on-ground researches and surveys to gather all insights necessary for a tailor-made, female-only IVR service for rural women. In-depth interviews were also conducted with female farmers of distinct personas in different villages of Punjab in the pilot phase.

‘Khushaal Aangan’ will also feature female-only live shows to foster awareness about the usefulness of mobile techology vis-a-vis the agricultural growth and household management. Female farmers will be able to call and ask questions to access real-time information from female agriculture experts and nutritionists at the show.

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