The Plot of Kenwood’s Middle Se Ooper Webisode

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Kenwood Pakistan has yet again come up with a new idea after the famous Nawazuddin Siddique’s campaign which was taken down by the brand despite strong word of mouth across.

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This time around Kenwood has taken primitive approach while introducing a new concept of webisodes in Pakistani Consumer Electronics industry for the first ever time. The name of webisode series is “Middle se Ooper” which best depicts the story that revolves around a middle class family which has moved into a new locality. The series will have tinge of humor and dramatic touch while touching upon slice of life appeal so as to make the content engaging with the target audience.
The webisodes have so far created positive impact on social media as it has made consumers to share and talk about this bold initiative by the brand.

The Plot of Webisode Series
The story of the webisode? Well, it’s quite a simple plot as a family has moved into a newer and better locality as the title says “Middle se Ooper”. The family is in process of adapting to a new life style while settling in to the new house. Mahjabeen Habib, who is the mother and the main protagonist character in the webisode series who is simple yet original while the other members of family namely Shani, Sunny, Sana and Mr. Mujahid prefer pretending rather than staying original to their personalities.

The aim of webisode series is to add onto flavor to the entertainment industry of Pakistan while increasing level of engagement with the target audience and creating brand recall. Kenwood in the past has highlighted many social issues which revolves around lives of every household in our society. May it be a taboo or social customs, Kenwood believes in creating a visual experience where viewers can relate the message with their everyday lives. In this instance, Kenwood wants to explore further into the lives of a common household by showcasing scenario based situations involving a household which has transitioned from a middle class family to one step higher.
Let’s see if the brand continues the online series and where the proceeding final webisode takes the story while keeping high level of engagement as to give a final verdict of success or failure from the brands side. To watch entire click

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